Health Coaching and Affiliate Wellness Business

We’re on a mission to make it easy for people everywhere to reach their full potential. We make it possible through good nutrition that is accessible and affordable. With The Good Inside Partnership Program we invite you to join our movement as an affiliate partner. Share our message and we’ll show our appreciation. The Good Inside provides an incredible opportunity to create your own business around Touchstone Essential’s world-class products for home or professional applications, and whole foods nutritious fruits and vegetables, protein, greens and products to help detoxify, boost weight loss, and fortify your system. What could be fresher!!!

get wellness at a discount

With our partnership program, one small step today can make a big difference for your tomorrows. Instant savings The first thing you’ll notice when you join is how much you save. Members get an automatic discount on every product. With annual Membership, healthy is now more accessible and affordable.

Healthy isn’t an all-or-nothing approach. It’s one act of goodness at a time for your body. Even if it’s just adding in one whole food supplement or starting with a daily detox, you’ll feel better and can do more of what you want. Recommend to others When you find something good, spread the word. With social media and a smartphone, it’s easier than ever before.

Use your free TheGoodInside website and your passion for healthy living. Anyone who buys as a Customer or joins as a Member is credited as a referral.

We’re here to make healthy accessible and to help you every step of the way. You get a full suite of tools and reports (it’s free) in your secure online account. We also handle all the business-ey things so you can focus on the good stuff: Online ordering & tracking, World-class shipping center, Collect and remit sales taxes, Friendly customer service, Hassle-free money-back guarantee!

Time to get real balance back in your life. Say goodbye to 9-to-whenever and set your own schedule in a way that works for you. With this wellness based affiliate partnership program you can earn right away based on referrals, while setting up a lifetime of residuals.

Think of this as your own direct-selling club. Similar to affiliate marketing, Touchstone Essentials product line is being sold through a a channel of advocates who use the product every day and who love to share the value with others, relationship marketing for a healthy new generation of business owners.

And what’s really exciting to me is that this opportunity doesn’t require thousands of dollars to be able to sell these top quality products. The cost to participate is very low, and there is a tremendous opportunity to establish a second stream of income from residual commissions.

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