What Can You Expect From A Wellness Advocate?

Everything from fitness, to seasonal changes. From fatigue to fear. Pantry to pampering. A Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness Advocate helps you make changes to your life. As a holistically green centered Lifestyle Coach with 15 Years of Holistic Life Coaching behind me I can help rewire your lifestyle all the way around, healthy from the inside outside.

Coach & Wellness Advocate, Barbara Christensen

I am your holistic lifestyle and wellness coach. Certified Aromatherapist, diploma in Nutrition, practicing Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I am also a Certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, life coach, wellness advocate, trained in green living and certified in aroma coaching.

I work with families, entrepreneurs and business owners to create a holistic alignment through nutrition coaching, individual aromatherapy design, personal supplementation, and business coaching.

I am going to help you reduce your carbon foot print, improve lifestyle choices, reduce toxins, select organic foods and home cleaners, boost environmental health and much more.

How We Do It I Love Barbara Christensen I Bija Coaching I Holistic CoachingMy career jump to health & healing began several decades ago with my own personal journey to changing my health and physical well-being. I suffering chronic inflammation due to food allergies, and severe IBS that was not only debilitating, but took several years to diagnose. This journey started me on a path of realization that medicine can only offer treatment, it cannot offer hope or change for someone like myself.

I began my second life as I call it, of major Google clinical and testimonial based researching in integrative, function and healing nutritional therapies. Through this I was able to reverse the course of my health, and identify most of what caused the situation I was in. That being genetically modified non-nutritional foods, and a lack of healthy physical movement. I was able to return to a full level of health and then I started the second journey of miscarriage, pregnancy, hormones and adrenals.

During this part of my journey I learned that health is not to be taken for granted, and that I would do anything possible to be healthy for my family, and to give health to my family. I learned that nutrition has a truth for each of us. Not one of us is exactly the same, nor do we biologically require the same nutrients or the same supplementation. We all however struggle with similar stories of stress, overwork, illness, fatigue, disease, and a desire to have a healthy future for not just ourselves, but our families.

I learned through this process how to heal my daughter’s severe asthma, getting her off of daily inhaled steroids. I become a certified personal trainer to add to my holistic lifestyle and wellness coaching because movement is health. We must move… it’s our nature of how we were built. I partnered with amazing companies, and amazing products, and have just continued to study nearly every day including some amazing course work through Bastyr University that really cemented that core purpose that I have to help others do the same.

I love working with my clients and helping you see that you can reach your desired goals. I offer you through my Bija Coaching site what I hope is a ‘one stop shop’ for health support, lifestyle changes, links to resources including what I believe are the hightest quality health products available to us, my own health and wellness programs and for those in a health related business I can help guide you into created your own niche by guiding you through business coaching, which is what brought me into the coaching industy as one of the first life coaches in the country.

No matter where you are on your journey and whatever stage of life you are in, I can help you to sync up your rhythms, eat more dense nutrition, supplement in a manner that helps rather than harms, feel laughter and hope in your day, and engage your health choices as a more informed patient as you work with your doctor and change your life.

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Where Do You Start Your Journey?

Wellness is a lifestyle that aligns your desires and emotions to your actions!  I  have helped hundreds of people just this year to change their lives, and you can do it to! Start with your FREE Wellness Consultation