What Is A Holistic Lifestyle

Wholism is defined as an idea that different parts are all interconnected and cannot be understood without understanding the entire whole. 

When you take care of your whole self, that is a holistic lifestyle. That means your life inside and out when you consider food, fitness, relationships, happiness. This very simple way of living is something that so many of us have forgotten all about. We are living in a fast forward world. We want everything to be quick and easy. Run to the gym, get the kids out the door, grab a coffee and check our your Facebook feed. Run to the grocery store, starved, and buy too much, and generally junk, and then we rush home to clean, do homework, get to classes. It is no wonder that this pace creates stress, which creates cortisol, and hormone imbalance and all of the additional issues that come alone with this. It may be epigentics that is the underlying catalyst to your issues, but your lifestyle is the fuel on the fire!

So what do you do to heal your body and become less toxic

1479096_10202557127909994_991425007_n[1]There are two ways to quickly see changes in your health. First, eat a more anti-inflammatory diet that detoxifies your system on the inside. Second, use organic products on the outside to keep as many additional toxins as possible from getting into your body.

The first challenge can be harder the the second. That is why I have created a 5 Day Challenge that gives you a grocery list, and a five day meal plan to eat clean unprocessed foods. This is just the toe dipped into the water plan, so don’t fret thinking that you’re going to be eating all sorts of strange items that you’ve never heard of. I have no intention of pushing anyone, especially anyone with autoimmune disorders, into a place where they will feel far worse than they feel today. That means you enter the room slowly, and take a look around before you increase the detox. The one item I do recommend you purchase for this week challenge is the Organic Greens Complex.

This challenge will offer you a new beginning, and so you may want to either go a week without any makeup, just apply a little organic coconut oil to your skin as a moisturizer and sunscreen, or go straight away and order a few organic skin care & makeup items to get you started. I’ve added an additional 3 Day Program at the end of the challenge that will give your skin a good boost and detox.

This offers you a full inside/outside program. You will see in one week the changes that this holistic lifestyle can create! Register for this FREE program below: