Combining Strength Training with Yoga for the Type A

So let’s talk about the type A personality for a minute. I find that almost all multipassionistas are type A.

As a type A we’re anti just about everything that is slow. We don’t like long stretches, and we don’t like anything that doesn’t just get to the point. We’re sick and tired of having to wait for things to happen, and trying to slow down our brains just doesn’t happen easily.

I like meditation, but prefer moving meditation. That is what I see walking, swimming, preferably quicker moving yoga as… moving or bendy meditation. We have too many goals, and too many ideas to slow things down, and we’re perfectionists so we don’t want to think about the fact that we can’t quite hit the move the way the yoga guru is.

We need to get things done. We worry. We end up with high blood pressure sometimes. .. often anxiety driven due to methylation issues.

However we’re more likely to get that workout done. Get’r done could be our middle name. As as much as we like to go CRAZY on cardio, or lift big heavy things… we need to stretch. We need the wind down, and the easing movements. And so if I can add a little strength to focus in on, and clear out my thoughts…all the better. This move, Downward Facing Dog with a Row gives me comfort. I know, that’s weird you say… but why not give it a try and see what I mean.


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