This is your chance to learn from MY mistakes

I have to say that I am always tweaking my nutrition, or looking for the latest and greatest things. Over the last year I did amazing with healing so many areas of my life with whole foods, and whole food supplementation. This is because our bodies change, knowledge of how our bodies work with ingredients has changed, and of course I want to make sure I don’t overlook something that can help a friend or client. I always focus on the four levels in what I call my Nourish Protocol. These four levels are Remove, Reset, Reclaim and Recover. So the elimination of the standard garbage in our lives and the increase of real whole foods and support supplementation.

greens for lifeSo what if you can’t go through a program like mine, or you just aren’t feeling the connection to digging deep into your body. My recommendation is to first, stop dieting. Diets don’t work. I like to find your nutritional truth, but I don’t like to restrict macros unless there is a serious underlying issue. Instead just focus on getting nutrients. Real foods have nutrients. However we’re just not getting enough of them from our food. We need to supplement. Most of you probably supplement with a multivitamin, minerals, omegas, and if you’re really feeling connected you have a protein shake and greens most days.

Now if you’ve ever tried liquid minerals… you know what I mean when I say EWWWW!! My daily minerals contain freshly harvested sea vegetables, acai berry, amla, gogi, mangosteen, cranberry, strawberry, grape seed, coconut water, maqui, pomegranate … I mean what we get from real food is real support for our bodies. My organic raw greens are grown in glacial soil and cut at peak harvest before the jointing stage. Because it’s raw, it retain more nutrients than cooked greens. I have figured out what works with our bodies and so this is truly your chance to learn from my mistakes.

By now, you know I own my own multipassionista, international company. What you may not know is that I was a complete fail in the nutrition department when I was younger. I lived on processed crap, and even while pregnant. The only upside was that I couldn’t take prenatals, and so I took 1/4 of the actual requirement daily which probably is why I didn’t miscarry. I have genetic issues that react to synthetic supplementation. However I probably got more than I needed of some of these synthetics in the fast food that I am guilty of eating at that time in my life.

I grew up healthy as a child, but when my mom went back to work we started eating crap. I can remember the joy that I was in control of my food choices. I ate a lot of frozen foods, raw cookie dough, french fries and milk shakes. Not shocking that an 11 year old would make those sorts of choices, right? But I also then within a year suffered from my first anaphylaxix reaction of many. When I was first married I suffered from severe, life crippling IBS. So I was a nutritional failure.

Also in business I see my previous failures. The first business I started after my pregnancy failed miserably because I started it for the right reasons, but quickly was moved into something that wasn’t myself. So miserably, in fact, that I hated the business and everything associated with it – and yet here I am.

Why? Because I didn’t know what I was doing before, and I wasn’t aligned to my own needs, or the needs for my clients. It’s not a one size fits all prospect. And not everyone needs or wants to go into nutrition on a deep level. Some of us just want to get nutrition right. In nutrition I  didn’t have an expert to guide me, to take me by the hand and prevent me from making the mistakes that left me feeling miserable.

This is YOUR chance to get that expert guidance. Use it, starting now, to build your nutritional arsenal the RIGHT way, the FIRST time.

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