The Burden of Toxins in Our Body

There’s a growing recognition of the toll toxins place on the body. There ARE steps you can take to reduce your body burden, and natural mineral zeolite helps remove many of the worst toxins from the body.

Detoxing on a cellular level is what our bodies are meant to do, but we’re burdened by all of these complex toxins that are overwhelming to our bodies. It takes more than just our daily tea, a patch on your feet, or a soak in a tub to remove these heavy toxins and that’s where zeolite Clinoptilolite comes into the picture. Zeolites have been around for centuries dating all the way back to the Romans. They used zeolites to build their aqua ducts and discovered the water tasted better. Have you ever gotten water from a local spring well?

There is a lot that goes into what makes a zeolite product something I would want to take.

Clinoptilolite Zeolites come from the mine as crystal rocks, and in a powdered form can range from 10 to 40 microns in size. Ingest anything that big, and it’ll help detox your colon and little else and it will also can contain things that are really not productive to the process of cleaning up your system. So you really have to know what you are getting. To get through the bloodstream, you have to go smaller (0.3 mean micron) which most providers aren’t equipped to do. So, ask for a particle size test to verify what you’re getting. When it’s processed and prepared correctly, there’s no denying the power of zeoites to attract and remove heavy metals and environmental toxins, safely and effectively. It happens within 4-6 hours of consumption, and believe me it will happen. Make sure you start on a day when you can come home and head to bed early.

Start with your digestive tract, as this is where most of the immune system is built from our microbiome. The pesticides, antibiotics, lifestyle all disrupt our little city of healthy bugs. When you have a gunked up digestive tract, your food will let you know. So what can you do to clean up? First remove or reduce those processed foods and refined “enriched” grains from your diet, and eat more greens. More raw greens offer the alkalinity and detoxification support to our bodies. When you replace a meal or snack with a raw healthy juice you’ll see a difference. Probiotic support also helps our healthy gut flora and zeolite drops help to attract and eliminate toxins found in our food and GI system.

Your body has several ways to detox naturally of course, that rely on having antioxidant support. This is our liver, kidneys, skin and lungs all serve essential roles in ridding your body of toxins that have built up and that we take in every day. These toxins overload us, and the liver, your kidneys, your colon all rely on antioxidants to have a fully functional detoxifying system. As well your skin!! Carotenoid ‪antioxidants‬ improved the ability of the skin, an important organ of elimination, to ‪detoxify‬ the body in a study published in the December 2012 issue of “European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics.” Who doesn’t want to support their skin for a radiant ‪‎glow‬ this summer, and all year long?

zeolite detoxification

The zeolite spray (tasteless and easy to use) will help to support the liver and kidneys. By removing heavy metals and other toxins. You can also add in my favorite turmeric or curcumin, and sauna is something the Finns have been using for this purpose for centuries.

What to look for in a zeolite supplement:

Whole Clinoptilolite (not fragments) is granted GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status by the FDA, and is widely studied for its proven detoxification benefits. This raw zeolite must be cleansed of pre-existing pollutants, and third-party testing should be done to verify it is clean.
The zeolite should be sized for absorption (in the nanometer range). Larger particles will provide a digestive detox, while smaller particles will detox at a cellular level. What to learn more?

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