Creating Energy In A Busy Life

Life is busy, charged, ever moving fast and furious. Once you gain that glint of Reiki {ray-key} Energy in your life, how do you continue using it?

Start with meditation. Meditation in the morning seems simple, easier to move into when trying to open your eyes and take on the day. When you have limited time to get everything into that power hour or power fifteen minutes, you have to start where you are at. Stop, and breathe. Create that connection using your breathe and the Gassho {two hands coming together} Meditation. Lying in bed place your hands in prayer position at the heart, eyes closed. Breathe in the Reiki Energy through your nose, feel it through your entire being going where it will do the highest good. Exhale it through your entire being, into the the universal flow of energy to return or move to where it is needed.

Steps for Gassho Meditation:

  • begin by creating intention for yourself and your practice asking for the greater good of the Universal Life Force be present and protective in your session.
  • draw the Usui power symbol or Reiki Sandwhich in front of your body and with your hands or visualize it over your body moving the energy into your body.
  • invoke the name of the power symbol, or other symbols, as you prepare to begin.
  • breathe in the Reiki through your nose and be present in the intention of the session.
  • visualize the Reiki Energy as you inhale and exhale for five to fifteen minutes while you stay present in your intention.
    acknowledge that you are holding the full light of the Reiki energy with gratitude and ask that it will be with you through your day.

If you need something to support this new habit you can keep your essential oil or oil blend next to your bed and simply apply a few drops to the palms, then cupping your hands and breathing deeply for a moment of calm and meditation as you reprogram your body to your new healthy lifestyle. Make sure you release the energy, drink some water, and wash your hands and ground into the next step of your connection to energy in your life! Walk around barefoot, and if you can step outside and connect to the world around you. Every bit of energy is there for the connection, and can be a part of your Gratitude in Motion moments. 




Everything Is Energy

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