Where Gratitude Flows : Gratitude In Motion Day 1

Gratitude In Motion Day 1


I started thinking more and more recently about gratitude. How just the sound of the word seems to open you up to so much more than you realize. Even more than the last few years, this year I really really feel it!! I feel grateful even when things don’t turn out the way I would like them to. All in the right time, right? So maybe it’s all of the hard things we’ve seen happen this year that makes me just feel grateful for everyone and everything around us, or maybe it’s just a shift in the spiritual universe.

So I started working on a project for just twenty days to share a little visual to remind us ways that we can move gratitude forward, and I call it Gratitude In Motion. Where gratitude flows, attitude follows in such an immense way! 


Gratitude In Motion I Love Barbara Christensen I Holistic Coaching Project


And often it doesn’t take very much to show how much others around us mean to us. Think about how easy it would be to pay for someone’s cup of coffee behind you in line. Every year we hear about these amazing Pay It Forward records at Starbucks, so why does it need to stop there?

Gratitude In Motion Day I LoveBarbaraChristensen Holistic Coach

I hope you will follow the twenty days of Gratitude In Motion posts, and take some ideas from these posts to enhance your life this holiday season. We could all use a little more love in the world. The sick things we’ve been seeing in the news are heartbreaking, and it makes you want to crawl under a rock and away from the world. But instead lets be more polite, smile more, share our kindness, open more doors for others, and show that love is one thing, but sharing love in an actionable way is so much more! 

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