Thank Goodness It Is Friday I Lots of LOVE 23rd Anniversary

Welcome to another year of LOVE!!

Friday My Second Favorite Word I Love Barbara Christensen I realize that I’ve been married almost as long as Neal’s Yard Remedies has been around. Tomorrow is my 23rd anniversary, going strong since 1991!! ūüôā And so today is my Friday… and I LOVE me some Friday!

I really wanted to share a little nudge that I shared in Nudge Village today about going in the direction of where you want to live in life. Not the city, not the career… but where do you want to live in terms of happiness and fulfillment. This is a great article that I think as small business owners we could all use. I could work on the social life a bit… but the rest I really feel like I’m resonating with more and more each year. We want for happiness… yet we work more instead of working better, smarter, less!!

A little story… I found this great tool that was going to simplify my life. It took several days of work to set it up, only to find that after a few days of use it worked like doggie doo doo… and what did I have? Three lost days of my life that could have been used better, smarter and with less work if I had done the research I needed to on the product … in other words do not believe the testimonials on the website. Dig deeper. But I learned that sometimes there just isn’t a short cut and you have to decide where the boundary is, and where you may have to give in and realign to accomplish what you want.

Life is about living, and happiness, and taking in the moment. Making the most of it, going into the mode of less in all things is something I think would benefit all of us. Be more organic in all things, not just your food and your skincare, to see the greatest results.

And of course… LOVE!

Happy Anniversary To My LOVE I Paul Christensen

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