Heather White of the EWG Discussing Personal Care Products I NYR Organic Consultant Barbara Christensen

Heather White of the EWG Discussing Personal Care Products

When it comes to the products you put on your body, skin, or hair, one thing’s for sure: most companies that makes those products don’t have your back. Heather White, Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group, explains why our lotions, makeup, and shampoos are loaded with dangerous chemicals, why babies are born with hundreds of toxins in their blood, and what you can do to make your immediate environment — and the world — a little bit safer.

  • I in 8 women will experience breast cancer.
  • The average age of puberty since 1920 has had a 5 year decline. It is now normal for 6 – 7 year old girls to have breast buds.

There are so many health effects that are associated with this, but the three that I am most concerned with is cancer, diabetes and obesity.  Watch the video and learn why change is so important, and why I started sharing NYR Organics with those I care about.

EWG Skin Deep Approved NYR Organic Skin Care Products I Barbara Christensen

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