How Much Do You LOVE Your Organic Makeup I Your Independent NYR Organic Consultant

How Much Do You LOVE Your Organic Makeup

I don’t know if you can say this aloud… but organic makeup is something that one you’ve tried it you will never go back!! There is something about how it feels, how it looks, and most of all that it’s not toxic to your health. Certified organic by the Soil Association, Neal’s Yard Remedies organic make-up range is an inspiration from nature. They’ve enriched these beautiful mineral shades with skin-nourishing and protecting natural and organic ingredients, to care for your skin while enhancing your natural beauty.

NYR Organic Independent Consultant Organic Makeup Line

What people are saying are their favorite NYR Organic makeup items:

“Hibiscus eye shadow and the Lychee lip stick! Such beautiful colors, and that lip stick smells so good!” 

“Moss eyeshadow and damson lipgloss <3”

“I’m a lychee gal and LOVE the rose mineral blusher and midnight eyeliner too (and the lip gloss and some of the other eye shadows and the….)”

“Lipgloss! Yummy”

“Love the mascara!!!!”

 I love the bronzer and damask rose lip gloss. I also love the hibiscus and barley eye shadow.”

“My mom used the wild plum and hibiscus together and it looked really nice. She had plum as the base and hibiscus as her highlighter.”

And there is nothing better than a visual… so let me share a tutorial on how to create the biggest beauty trend in evening makeup wear below from NYR Organic. Please order your makeup at

Create a Smoky Metallic Eye with NYR’s natural make-up collection

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